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Interface ISettings<T>

Configuration settings for NgTableParams

Type parameters

  • T


  • ISettings



Optional $loading

$loading: boolean

Returns true whenever a call to getData is in progress

Optional counts

counts: number[]

The page size buttons that should be displayed. Each value defined in the array determines the possible values that can be supplied to NgTableParams page

Optional dataOptions

dataOptions: IDataSettings

Optional dataset

dataset: T[]

An array that contains all the data rows that table should manage. The gateData function will be used to manage the data rows that ultimately will be displayed.

Optional debugMode

debugMode: boolean

Optional defaultSort

defaultSort: SortDirection

The default sort direction that will be used whenever a sorting is supplied that does not define its own sort direction

Optional filterOptions

filterOptions: IFilterSettings<T>

Optional getData

The function that will be used fetch data rows. Leave undefined to let the IDefaultGetData service provide a default implementation that will work with the dataset array you supply.

Typically you will supply a custom function when you need to execute filtering, paging and sorting on the server

Optional getGroups

getGroups: IGetGroupFunc<T>

The function that will be used group data rows according to the groupings returned by NgTableParams group

Optional groupOptions

groupOptions: IGroupSettings

Optional interceptors

interceptors: IInterceptor<T>[]

The collection of interceptors that should apply to the results of a call to the getData function before the data rows are displayed in the table

Optional paginationMaxBlocks

paginationMaxBlocks: number

Configuration for the template that will display the page size buttons

Optional paginationMinBlocks

paginationMinBlocks: number

Configuration for the template that will display the page size buttons

Optional sortingIndicator

sortingIndicator: string

The html tag that will be used to display the sorting indicator in the table header

Optional total

total: number

The total number of data rows before paging has been applied. Typically you will not need to supply this yourself

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