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Interface IFilterSettings<T>

Type parameters

  • T


  • IFilterSettings



Optional filterComparator

filterComparator: FilterComparator

Use this to determine how items are matched against the filter values. This setting is identical to the comparator parameter supported by the angular $filter filter service

Defaults to undefined which will result in a case insensitive susbstring match when IDefaultGetData service is supplying the implementation for the ISettings.getData function

Optional filterDelay

filterDelay: number

A duration to wait for the user to stop typing before applying the filter.

  • Defaults to 0 for small managed inmemory arrays ie where a ISettings.dataset argument is supplied to NgTableParams.settings.
  • Defaults to 500 milliseconds otherwise.

Optional filterDelayThreshold

filterDelayThreshold: number

The number of elements up to which a managed inmemory array is considered small. Defaults to 10000.

Optional filterFilterName

filterFilterName: string

Overrides IDefaultGetDataProvider.filterFilterName. The value supplied should be the name of the angular $filter service that will be selected to perform the actual filter logic. Defaults to 'filter'.

Optional filterFn

filterFn: IFilterFunc<T>

Tells IDefaultGetData to use this function supplied to perform the filtering instead of selecting an angular $filter.

Optional filterLayout

filterLayout: FilterLayout

The layout to use when multiple html templates are to rendered in a single table header column.

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